AMACOM’s “Best of 2008” Roundup

USA Today selected The Eccentric Billionaire by Nancy Kriplen as one of their best business books of 2008.

The‘s article “10 Business Books to Get You on Track Again” by Marc Kramer cites:

(1) Lead by Example by John Baldoni: “I love leadership books. The author reaches across time to provide advice and insights from the greatest political, business and social leaders of the past 100 years in how to inspire people.”

(2) Goal Setting by Susan Wilson and Michael Dobson: “Another quick read that provides a process and methodology for developing and achieving goals. It’s part of a larger series of similar short books called ‘Work Smart.'”

Three AMACOM titles were cited by in “The Best Leadership Books of 2008”, including:

(1) Leading with Kindness by William F. Baker and Michael O’Malley

(2) Lead by Example by John Baldoni

(3) Myself and Other Important Matters by Charles Handy

BNet UK included India Arriving by Rafiq Dossani as one of their top business books of 2008: “expounds all with the kind of clarity and insight you just couldn’t get from an outsider. A useful and entertaining read for anyone looking at investing in India.”

Check them out.


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