Introducing AMACOM… Alice

Alice balancing all the books that came in August 2008. Eep!

Alice balancing all the books that came in August 2008. Eep!

We here at AMACOM want you to get to know us (there are real people behind these books), so today we begin our series of introducing you to the great people at AMACOM. First up, is Alice (how awkward interviewing myself) who has been blogging here from the start.

Alice is a Publicist who first joined AMACOM as an Associate Publicist in April 2007.

What were you doing before you joined AMACOM?
I was finishing my Master’s Degree in French Studies at NYU.

What are your responsibilities as Publicist? I basically try to get our authors and books into print, on radio/tv, and in Internet media in order to convince people to buy our books. I work with media whom I think would be interested in the book to get them a copy and a chance to speak with the author. I also work with authors on how they can work to promote themselves, so they have the skills to continue promoting themselves and their work.

What are the big challenges you face in your job? Right now, the biggest challenge is the severe cutbacks all media outlets are facing. Everyone is losing staff and budget, which means fewer people have to do more with fewer resources. As a publicist, you need to make it as easy as possible for them, so we are trying to connect as well as possible.

What AMACOM book are you excited about right now? I’m excited about Food Fray: Inside the Controversy Over Genetically Modified Food by Lisa H. Weasel, Ph.D. It’s about the history and role of genetically modified foods in our politics and society. I love science books that really give science a context and show what it’s doing in the wider world, even if there are unintended consequences. Weasel does a great job differentiating between intent and the real effects. She also gives it a real global perspective since this is a worldwide issue and an important issue in international politics. I am now buying organic because of this book.

What book are you reading at the moment? I’m reading Mondo et autres histoires by J.M.G. Le Clezio, the recent Nobel prize winner. I bought it at Librarie de France in Rockefeller Center which is still open and everyone should visit and buy a book! It needs your support.

What book do you want everyone to discover? Joshua Spassky by Gwendoline Riley. She writes with a wonderful haunted quality and you experience a succession of emotions more than a story while reading her books. This one reminded me of F. Scott Fitzgerald novels and the feeling I had when I finished Joshua Spassky was the same as when I finished Tender is the Night. I should say that she definitely doesn’t imitate, but rather produces the same effect in very much her own voice.

Final words? “My cubicle wall and I are in a battle to the death, one or the other must go.”


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