Spotlight on… Parenting an Adult with Disabilities or Special Needs

One of our new books has had a nice response from the blogs, so we thought we’d put a spotlight on Peggy Lou Morgan’s Parenting an Adult with Disabilities or Special Needs.

Terri Mauro, the Parenting Special Needs Children Guide for, said in her review:

When you’re up to your eyebrows in therapists and IEPs and doctor visits and research, it’s hard to imagine a time when you’ll have to deal with issues like where your adult child is going to live and work and find friendship. Often, we put those thoughts off — but that time comes more quickly than you think, and without some advance preparation, it’s rough on everyone. Morgan, author of Parenting Your Complex Child, provides a calm, experienced voice to lead you through.

And Tammy Lessick of AutismFeltLearning said in her review:

Peggy fills the book with a lot of helpful information along with personal stories of her adult child. She outlines ways to help prepare for transitioning your child, how to pick a suitable residence, and how to train staff to work with your child. She even stresses the importance of including your child in the plans for the future. There are many factors that you need to take into account and can be addressed beginning when your child is young. I recommend reading this book, no matter what age your child is. It has helped me get a better understanding of what the future holds. I also now know what I can do now to help my son in the future.

Be sure to leave a comment on AutismFeltLearning to be eligible for a giveaway copy of the book.

Peggy Lou Morgan has devoted nearly 35 years to working with the developmentally disabled. An expert in adapting care, setting up services, and finding placements for adults with special needs, she has been a foster parent, group home manager, and assistant director of a residential and vocational program. Her best teacher is her multiply-disabled son, Billy Ray, age 26, whom she adopted when he was 15 months old. The author of Parenting Your Complex Child (AMACOM 2006), Morgan actively blogs at “Parenting a Complex Special Needs Child,” “Parenting an Adult with Complex Special Needs,” “Lighthouse Parents,” Wellsphere, and BizzyMoms. You can see Peggy on YouTube or Tangle, follow her on Twitter, or join her Yahoo! group.

Watch Peggy and Billy Ray on KATU-TV’s “AM Northwest”:


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