Webcast: Voice Success for Women


Our own Joni Wilson, author of The Voice of Success, will be doing a webcast with the American Management Association next month, so sign up now to learn how important voice is in accelerating your business image.

Voice Success for Women: Simple Vocal Skills That Will Accelerate Your Business Image
June 10, 2009
12:00-1:00 PM Eastern

How to Get Your Message Across in Every
Business Situation

Many women go through their entire lives frustrated and unhappy with the sound of their voices.

The simple truth is that a woman’s voice is just not as strong as a man’s. Women need their own, unique vocal tools and skills to be heard and achieve greater success in business.

This Webcast is for women (but men are also welcome) and examines the female voice from its liabilities to its assets. Vocal expert Joni Wilson will discuss the top voice complaints—everything from “my voice is too weak” to “my voice sounds young and nobody takes what I say seriously.”

Wilson not only names the problems, she digs deeply into the causes and effects of those issues and gives you tools you can use to create a voice that will demand attention and catapult your career.

 Joni Wilson is an internationally recognized voice expert, professional speaker, and best-selling author with Joni Wilsonover18 years experience training voices. She has personally trained both speaking and singing voice’s including business executives from major corporations and even an American Idol finalist. She is the creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System—a cutting-edge voice method so effective it is changing the lives of speakers, entertainers and business professionals all over the world. Wilson is the author of a number of books, including The Voice of Success. A Woman’s Guide to a Powerful and Persuasive Voice.

Learn more about The Voice of Success HERE.



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