Webcast Reminder: Primal Management

Our own Paul Herr, author of Primal Management, will be doing a webcast with the American Management Association next week, so sign up now to learn how to harness the motivational energy of your employees.

Primal Management: Using Human Nature to Inspire Employee Engagement
 June 17, 2009
12:00-1:00 PM Eastern

Harnessing the Motivational Energy of Your Employees

The latest neuroeconomic and neurobiology research highlights the important role that emotions and feelings play in the workplace. The bottom line is that how your employees feel determines how they function and how they function determines organizational performance.

We all have a primal need to experience praise, the satisfaction of acquiring new skills, being part of a tightly-bonded team, and to feel safe and secure.

Managers who understand these needs can create an environment that aligns with human nature and drives higher performance.

What You Will Learn

In this Webcast you’ll hear how leading companies are using “natural management” principles for great effect to:

  • Engage employees by encouraging them to freely and honestly invest in one another and in the organization as a whole.
  • Create a workplace filled with confident and skilled experts that is fueled by hard work, persistence, mastery, and self pride.
  • Encourage managers to serve and mentor their employees instead of lording over them.
  • Creating an environment where good decisions can be made throughout the organization.

Paul Herr is a consultant who provides employee engagement Layout 1services. He invented The Horsepower Metric™, an innovative tool for measuring the power of a company’s motivational engine. He is the author of Primal Management: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Nature to Drive High Performance.

Learn more about Primal Management HERE.


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