O Raincoast!

It’s Canada Day so it only seemed appropriate to highlight our excellent distributor to the north: Raincoast Books! These Vancouver-based book distribution dynamos send our books all across Canada.

Raincoast Books

Visit the Raincoast website.
Read the Raincoast blog.
Follow Raincoast on twitter.

Raincoast! Raincoast! Raincoast!

How much do we love them? I saw their live-tweeting of sales conference (they’re very clever), and had to test it out at AMACOM’s (although hindered by lack of Blackberry skills). Now for the competitive idea-borrowing!

We have some authors up by Canada-way too:
— Harvey Deutschendorf, author of The Other Kind of Smart, lives in Alberta.
— Gershon Mader, co-author of The Power of Strategic Commitment, lives in Toronto.
— Eli Mina, author of 101 Boardroom Problems and How to Solve Them, lives in Vancouver.
— Anil Hira, co-author of Outsourcing America, lives in Burnaby.

Happy Canada Day! Now show some love for Raincoast and our Canadian authors.



2 responses to “O Raincoast!

  1. Matthew J. Kiernan, author of INVESTING IN A SUSTAINABLE WORLD, also resides in Canadia.

  2. Thanks for the love! Missed this post last week. (Too busy watching the fireworks!)

    Happy Independence Day from last weekend!

    ~ Norah the AMACOM publicist @ Raincoast

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