Webcast Reminder: Project Management Skills for the Accidental Project Manager

Our own Gary Chin, author of Agile Project Management, will be doing a webcast with the American Management Association next week, so sign up now to discover the key elements involved in setting-up your project for success from the start.

Project Management Skills for the Accidental Project Manager
July 15, 2009
12:00-1:00 PM Eastern

Have you recently fallen into the role of a project manager?

When you suddenly find yourself responsible for managing an important project but are unfamiliar with the “science” of making it happen, you’re an accidental project manager.

The good news is that you can achieve success without being an expert on the subtleties of project management (PM) — you just need to know some basic tools and procedures and have the confidence to apply them properly.

As such, you’ll find this Webcast helpful as it explores a number of practical, no-nonsense techniques that will help you do “just enough” PM to keep things running smoothly

Good project management requires the PM to capture and track a lot of data and subsequently turn that data into information. Having the right stuff in your “toolbox” will increase your efficiency and effectiveness at every turn.

Plus you’ll see how to start building your own PM toolbox that can simplify your chores and increase productivity.AgilePrjctMgr

Gary Chin, PMP, is a project management consultant, author and trainer with more than two decades of project management and business analysis experience in product development, IT, operations and sales to American Management Association and his clients. Mr. Chin is the founder of Cross Organizational (XO) Consulting, an independent firm dedicated to helping organizations realize their potential and attain their strategies through effective project management, process analysis and business planning. Previously, he held various senior level technical and management positions at GTE, Hewlett Packard, Teledyne and Akamai Technologies. He is the author of Agile Project Management.


2 responses to “Webcast Reminder: Project Management Skills for the Accidental Project Manager

  1. Is there a transcript or recording available?

  2. @Chastity Yes, there is! I was just about to do a post about it.

    Visit AMA’s On-Demand webcasts site for the full recording. Here it is for this webcast: http://www.amanet.org/editorial/webcast/2009/accidental-project-manager.htm

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