Books on Marketing in a Recession

Marketing departments across the country have seen their budgets slashed and their teams reduced, yet are still expected to bring even more customers in to help keep the company in business, whether core customers or new prospects. AMACOM has decided to address the issues facing the marketers across the country and across the globe with a theme this week “Marketing in a Recession” — a follow-up to our successful “Job Hunting in a Recession” and “Managing in a Recession” weeks. We’ll have guest posts from our authors on how to brand in the new economy, what’s next in online marketing, and secrets from the best in the business to get you through a rough patch. So to kick off here are some recommended titles to get you going.

Secrets of the Marketing Masters by Dick Martin

The old rules for marketing are up for grabs. markets are fragmenting and globalizing; consumers have greater control over when and what media they use; and digital technologies have changed how people shop, work and relax. In order to navigate this new landscape, marketers should look to the best and brightest in the field for advice.

World Famous by David Tyreman

What is it that sets apart companies like Apple, Ralph Lauren, and Virgin Atlantic from all other players in their markets? How different would life be if your business were “World Famous”–by standing out prominently from the crowd and clearly capturing the attention of your market. Do you see your own or your business’s persona as a hip, young gunslinger, a cultivates purveyor of luxury, or something completely different?

Digital Engagement by Leland Harden and Bob Heyman

Internet Marketing is red-hot, once again. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, major advertising agencies and major advertisers who once fought the tide are being forced now to redefine how they reach consumers and remain relevant.

We hope these books get you off to a good start. Be sure to check back later this week for guest posts from Dick Martin, David Tyreman, and Leland Harden.


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