Spotlight On… Stand By Her

One of our new books has had a nice response from some of our book publishing trade magazines, so we thought we’d put our spotlight on Stand By Her: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men by John W. Anderson.

Harold Cordry, from ForeWord Reviews, had this to say in his review:

Such candor as one finds here, along with page after page of sound practical advice and empathic counsel for every stage of this fearsome disease, make Anderson’s book an undisputable choice for a place on the shortlist of guides for caregivers.

Sarah J. Robbins of Publishers Weekly spoke with the author in her roundup of Breast Cancer Awareness titles:

While there are many books, Web sites and support groups to guide women through the complicated process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, John W. Anderson found little to help him as he watched his mother die of the disease and his sister and wife battle it and survive. “Every time I went through it, it was like starting from scratch,” Anderson says. When his wife reached her five-year cancer-free milestone, he decided to write a comprehensive breast cancer guide for men.

And Betty-Lee Fox of Library Journal had this to say in her starred review among the many books in their “Breast Cancer Sanity & Style” roundup:

Writer and TV producer Anderson saw his wife, his mother, his sister, and his mother’s best friend diagnosed with breast cancer. With wit and openness, he writes about women’s feelings and how men should respond. Most important, he says, men must be honest and sincere about their own feelings. An excellent title for the males, but women will gain perspective as well.

Also be sure to watch out for John in future! He is set to appear on The Today Show with his wife, Sharon Rapoport, on Thursday, October 8th, to talk about his book. Hope you can tune in.

JOHN W. ANDERSON is an Emmy-nominated director for Lifetime Television’s “Stop Breast Cancer for Life” campaign and an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Nation, and many other publications. He has helped his mother, wife, sister, and a close friend in their battles against breast cancer.


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