Free Online Assessment: Cultural Intelligence

Some have said Cultural Intelligence or CQ, is the single greatest difference between leaders who thrive in today’s world and those who become obsolete. You’ve heard about IQ and EQ, but what’s your CQ? Cultural intelligence is a fresh, new approach to leading in our multicultural, globalized world. It’s defined as the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures. For a limited time, David Livermore (author of the AMACOM title Leading with Cultural Intelligence) and his colleagues from the Cultural Intelligence Center are offering a free online CQ assessment at


One response to “Free Online Assessment: Cultural Intelligence

  1. I find it amazing to see the Cultural Intelligence world taking off today. I started doing this during the summer of 1990 when I was a young Marine officer stationed in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon to a missionary mother. I learned to speak read and write Arabic right alongside of English. As such I learned the Arab culture as my “first culture”. Today as a retired Marine I have started my own consultancy to help others learn of what I call cultural evolution of the 21st Century. My website is at The information revolution that the Tofflers discussed in their books during the 1990s is fully upon us. These technologies have influenced cultures around the world. Second and third world nations are now able to evolve more quickly with the information readily available that previously took years to acquire. Now with a few keystrokes almost any question is answerable on the Internet. Nations that once kept their populaces in near total darkness are now finding it increasingly more difficult to keep the truth from them. Iran is a perfect example. The youth of Iran today want more than just religious rhetoric. They are decendents of the Persians and want to take pride in their heritage beyond Islam. This is possible because they are able to “see” beyond their borders and the propaganda their leaders spout. There is so much more to say and discuss, but time and space are limited. Thanks for allowing me this forum. If we at Rababy & Associates can help your business work in a foreign culture please contact us at:
    Semper Fi
    David Rababy

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