Happy Anniversary Cathleen!

Our creative director, Catheen Ouderkirk, has an important anniversary today–she’s been with AMACOM for an astounding (and outstanding) 20 years! And so on this important day, we’d like to share…


10. The reassuring scent of popcorn means your art director is quick at hand.

9. According to the ancients, in the time before collating parties, AMACOM gathered in a dark room with no blondies and failed to put together a coherent sales kit.

8. Never under any circumstances let Cathleen serenade you at a Christmas party.

7. You can never be too descriptive in your cover copy filenames underscore jim underscore one zero zero two zero nine underscore approved dot doc.

6. The world is divided into two types of people: those who love the movie “Magnolia” and those who hate it.

5. Cathleen’s sham marriage to Barry Richardson in the AMACOM Players can only result in shame and song.

4. No number four—waiting for the editor to send the final memo.

3. Every book has a face and way too many plastic surgeons and makeup artists.

2. Unfortunately, every author has a face too and most of them need airbrushing.

And finally…

1. When trying to distract Cathleen from disorganization, attempt an easy bribe of chocolate.

Cathleen Ouderkirk

Happy Anniversary Cathleen!


4 responses to “Happy Anniversary Cathleen!

  1. I’m not sure who this “Cathleen” person is, but I do not remember marrying her.

  2. Shari Lifland

    Very nice feature! Lovely touch of humanity in a much too serious world. Congrats Cathleen!

  3. What fun! Congrats, Cathleen! (yes, I’m a couple days late)

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