Three AMACOM Authors Included in “Thinkers 50”

Three AMACOM authors are included in Thinkers 50, the top 50 influential management thinkers selected by Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainers. Thinkers 50 is sponsored by Bloomsbury, The Times and the European Foundation for Management Development.

9: Philip Kotler (11)

One of Kotler’s favorite ties bears the title of his magnum opus, Marketing Management. Kotler has dominated marketing over the last three decades. Along the way he has pushed the frontiers of where marketing can make a difference. His latest book, Chaotics, reflects his willingness to go out on a limb and express an opinion.

He is also the author of According to Kotler.

14: Marshall Goldsmith (34)

When the world’s top CEOs need a coach Goldsmith is usually top of the list. His wisdom can appear homespun – saying please and thank you – but he has the happy knack of making the complex world of business feel straightforward. An invite to his client dinner parties is a mark that you have made it.

He is the co-editor of The AMA Handbook of Leadership.

43: Charles Handy (14)

In a world of noise and uncertainty, Charles Handy is the soothing voice of reason. While other business gurus shout their message with ever-increasing stridency, he personifies the softly, softly approach. His ideas are no less radical for that. No less influential. But has Handy anything more to tell us?

He is the author of Myself and Other More Important Matters.

For the complete Thinkers 50 list click HERE.

For more info on the authors and books click HERE.


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