Giveaway: Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Yesterday we posted an excerpt from Leading with Cultural Intelligence by David Livermore Ph.D.  Today is your chance to get a free review copy of Leading with Cultural Intelligence.  We’ll select the first five people who comment on this post to receive a copy. Journalists, bloggers, or anyone interested in cultural intelligence!

We’ll e-mail you if you’ve been selected, and we’ll also follow-up with a post about the winners. We hope you’ll let us know what you think with a review on your blog, Shelfari, Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.

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14 responses to “Giveaway: Leading with Cultural Intelligence

  1. Frankie Williams

    CQ + EQ = a winning combination. Based on the excerpt I read, these two go hand in hand.

  2. CQ + EQ = a winning combination!

  3. Matt Demorest

    Really looking forward to reading!

  4. Definitely Frankie! In fact, CQ picks up where EQ leaves off. EQ presumes I can sense other’s emtions based upon reading “in-between the lines” and through their nonverbals. But all those cues might mean something entirely different in another cultural context. So just like you said, by adding CQ to EQ, we can become more effective in a myriad of other cultures too!

  5. am very interested in reading this, not enough is said about emotional, or cultural intelligence.

  6. David is a solid leader who has used is gifts to help other think critically about how they serve and how to see the Imago Dei in others. As a mission leader I am encourage by this latest effort to help leaders in and out of the ministry context to become more effective in all our interactions, decisions, and leadership of others. It is a timely piece as the North American Church and land scape is becoming increasingly culturally diverse, and as our need as individuals requires tools to effectively navigate that landscape now and in the future.

  7. Amazing how diverse and interesting cultures are. Sometimes I love interacting with folks from other cultures and sometimes the way other cultures do things frustrate me to no end. Funny how that works.

  8. I took one of my ESL student’s to a parent/teacher conference the other night. Noticed that some of the teachers directed all conversation to me, avoiding eye contact with the student and speaking of her using the 3rd person. I was holding her hand and she was right beside me, but 4 of the 6 teachers spoke as though she wasn’t even there. I would look at her and repeat what the teacher said, but some still didn’t get it that a young woman with 2 good ears was sitting there! It occurred to me that we need a LOT of CQ education in the educational system!

  9. Tricia Stevens

    I’ve been reading excerpts and the more I see the more applications I have come to expect – from my work with English as Second Language students from around the world that are happy to share their culture with us as they struggle to acclimate to ours to wanting to share with a friend’s son traveling the world on an aircraft carrier, to a greater understanding when our church hosts or sends short-term and/or full time missionaries, or when I’m surprised when I find myself in a foreign culture within my own city and state! Looking forward to reading in full!

  10. I have read some where as
    Emotional Intelligence + Cultural Awareness
    = Cultural Intelligence..

    Let me give my understanding about my read-

    What is Emotional Intelligence – to say it simply – Saying the right thing to the right person at the right time with the right intensity.

    what is cultural awareness – Cultural competence is an application of EQ concepts in order to interact with people of different cultures, a skill that is increasingly necessary in the world of today. Cultural competence leads to cultural awareness of others’ perspectives and an understanding of the differences among people that make all our lives richer.

    How together can lead to cultural intelligence- these days, Diversity is the key point in any organization, but to make “diversity” more than just a buzzword, you need EQ. Challenging unconscious racial and cultural patterns requires conscious work and a change of heart. Emotional Intelligence is a natural tool to help people understand and communicate more openly with each other. EQ fuels a curiosity for other cultures and perspectives, which leads to a more inclusive workplace.

    I totally agree wtih David, as he rightly said that CQ picks up where EQ leaves off. So just like you said, by adding CQ to EQ, we can become more effective in a myriad of other cultures too….

  11. Dr. Dave, I am excited to see what this book ads to “Serving with Eyes Wide Open”. I certainly had my eyes opened a few years ago, realizing how much of my experience and ways of thinking I place on others while communicating with them. I am glad that not everyone sees things the way I do!

  12. Congratulations to Frankie, Matt, Dale, Eric and Jim for being the first 5 to respond! I will be contacting each of you shortly for your information. Thanks for all the great responses, everyone!

  13. Frankie Williams

    Thanks for choosing me as one of the winners. I can’t wait to read this one!

  14. I think I missed your e-mail to get our contact info for the CQ book. Would you resend it please?

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