Podcast: John Hoover and Paul Gorrell on Connecting Coaching to the Organization

In a new American Management Association podcast, our own John Hoover and Paul Gorrell, authors of The Coaching Connection: A Manager’s Guide to Developing Individual Potential in the Context of the Organization, show companies how to improve their people and their bottom line results.

Coaching has traditionally focused entirely on the individual…sometimes even at the expense of improving measurable business results for the company. The Coaching Connection (AMACOM) by John Hoover and Paul J. Gorrell shows managers how they can use contextual coaching to simultaneously promote both individual and organizational growth. The book helps readers align what individual contributors do best with what organizations need most, ensuring everyone involved their highest probability for success.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

For more information on The Coaching Connection click HERE.

Paul J. Gorrell, Ph.D. is the Managing Director of the Human Capital Consulting practice at Partners in Human Resources International. John Hoover, Ph.D. is a former executive with The Walt Disney Company and McGraw-Hill. He also works for Partners International, and is on the AMA faculty.


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