Stand By Her is One of WSJ’s Best Health Books of 2009

Laura Landro, “The Informed Patient” columnist for the Wall Street Journal, has selected Stand by Her: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men by John W. Anderson as one of the best health books for 2009!

With a mother, sister and wife diagnosed with breast cancer, Mr. Anderson found little in all the books and Web sites about the disease to help men cope; he uses his own experience to help men become supportive care givers while dealing with their own fears and emotions about a loved one with breast cancer. He walks men through all the physical and emotional challenges women will face during treatment, and the logistics of hospitals, surgery and chemotherapy. There is also frank discussion of the strains on marriage and intimacy, and how to rebuild what may be lost in the battle and prepare for the future. offers a forum where men can ask questions and share experiences and coping tips.

Other books selected include The Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, CDC Health Information for International Travel 2010: The Yellow Book, Medicine for the Outdoors by Paul S. Auerbach, Dangerous or Safe? by Cara Natterson, Cheating Death by Sanjay Gupta, Ask Dr. Marie by Marie Savard, A Brain Wider Than the Sky by Andrew Levy, Josie’s Story by Sorrel King, In Her Wake by Nancy Rappaport and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Read the full article HERE.

Learn more about Stand by Her HERE.

Visit John W. Anderson’s website HERE.


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