Green Your AMACOM Library for Earth Day

This post originally appeared on April 22, 2009.

AMACOM has been publishing books in the environmental field, so today is a great day to highlight some of our eco-friendly titles on the blog!


Investing in a Sustainable World: Why Green is the New Color of Money by Matthew J. Kiernan, Ph.D.

“Matthew Kiernan has successfully scaled the Green Wall that often separates those working in the financial and sustainability domains. His latest book demystifies the concept of sustainable investment and provides a compelling rationale for Wall Street to consider environmental and social criteria, not as afterthoughts but rather as core considerations in our investment decision-making framework.” –Abyd Karmali, Managing Director, Global Head of Carbon Markets, Merrill Lynch

“If you’re a long-term investor, you have to care about sustainability, because it also equates to the ultimate sustainability of corporate earnings. As a Fund that invests across multiple generations, seeking short term gains at the expense of our planet and mankind, will ultimately prove too costly to long-term corporate earnings and therefore reduce our overall return. We at CalSTRS take this book’s messages very much to heart.” –Christopher Ailman, Chief Investment Officer CalSTRS

The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When it All Comes Together edited by Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D., William G. Russell, David Lipsky, Ph.D.

“this book offers a compilation of excellent, practical resources for developing a sustainable enterprise.” —Choice

“A very user-friendly and practical book on sustainability. It is well written and comprehensive, very clear, and concise in its explanations and applicable examples.” —People & Strategy

Green Tech: How to Plan and Implement Sustainable IT Solutions by Lawrence Webber and Michael Wallace

With today’s electronic systems consuming massive amounts of energy, and improper disposal of old equipment threatening to release dangerous toxicity into the atmosphere, any company whose IT department isn’t actively working to shrink its carbon footprint isn’t just hurting the environment…it is also probably wasting money. Green Tech provides readers with practical, easily implemented strategies for sustainable computing. Filled with realistic, cost-efficient ideas, this book shows that going green isn’t just the right thing to do, but also a good business strategy.


Your Eco-Friendly Home: Buying, Building, and Remodeling Green by Sid Davis

“…easy to understand book for both readers who are interested in making small changes, or who want a completely sustainable home.” —ForeWord

“For anyone with questions about ways to buy, build or remodel a home so that it meets more environmentally friendly standards, this book provides the answers.” –Long Island Newsday

“…addresses practical considerations of how to find and finance eco-friendly real estate as well as use environmentally sound materials and techniques to make homes more efficient.” –Home Maintenance Club

“This guide gives you all the general home building, buying or renovating information you need…but Your Eco-Friendly Home then takes you a step further, explaining how to make your home as green as possible while keeping your budgetary and other individual needs in mind…this no-nonsense book…points to a wealth of resources and green websites to help you towards your eco-friendly journey.” –, review by Green LA Girl

“I can certainly see myself referring back to the book as a resource and a launch point to help weigh my options. I like this book because when I finished it, I left knowing more than when I started, but also feeling a little more realistic in both my home buying and my green home aspirations.” –

“Davis’s latest book guides buyers who are searching for eco-friendly real estate down the right path in a market that offers little or no resources…The book is a must-buy for those home buyers or owners wishing to go-green” –Gay Real Estate USA

“Clear, understandable language brings readers up to speed on green real estate concepts that could otherwise be tricky for beginners.” — The Sierra Club’s Green Life Blog


Food Fray: Inside the Controversy over Genetically Modified Food by Lisa Weasel, Ph.D.

2009 Green Book Festival Competition Winner in the Scientific category

“The well-written and well-researched book combines interviews with scientists, activists, farmers, and consumers with scientific insights into this contemporary controversy.” — SciTech Book News

“An intelligent synthesis of solid research, firsthand reporting, and comprehendible analysis that manages to stay objective while critically examining the issues at hand.” —World Future Review

“A riveting and disturbing reality check, Food Fray is a crucial reminder that it’s time to be informed, not passive. Weasel’s is a compelling voice affirming that the desire to know more about GM foods before eating them and to allay concerns about safety and environmental impacts, isn’t at all anti-science. It’s a decidedly pro-human stance.” —The Miami Herald

“Weasel asks and answers important questions about the world’s food supply.” —The Oregonian

“Dr. Weasel masterfully navigates the complicated and multi-faceted history of the storied GM debate, giving equal treatment to the various sides and ultimately entrusting the readers to come to their own conclusions. The end result is required reading for anyone curious about GM technologies, past, present and future.” — Common Ground Magazine

Nuclear Nebraska: The Remarkable Story of the Little County That Couldn’t Be Bought by Susan Cragin

“This inspiring story teaches a wonderful lesson of democracy in action.” –ALA Booklist

Where We Stand: A Surprising Look at the Real State of Our Planet by Seymour Garte, Ph.D.

“Garte’s reasoned discussion[…]a valuable tool for increasing science literacy with regards to the important environmental issues of the day” —Publishers Weekly

“For people who are put off by all the talk of global warming these days, a new book, ‘Where We Stand: A Surprising Look at the Real State of Our Planet’ by Seymour Garte, Ph.D., gives a balanced and in many ways positive view of the state of the planet. Garte, a professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, goes over both the critical issues still facing man, as well as the often-forgotten progress and positive developments. Perusing the book, I find the author’s messages to be more insightful than I would have expected with a level of optimism that’s refreshing.” — Green World Blog,

“Where We Stand, is an antidote for an overly pessimistic view of the future of the environment…He presents an authoritative and compelling argument for the role of technology and scientific discovery — an unusual stance in the ecological worldview.” —HealthNet Media

“Dr. Garte does a very good job of spelling out where we’re doing well, how we’ve failed, and what we can continue to do to improve. This book is a testament to the academics and good attitude of Dr. Garte, a professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health. Hopefully, by reading it, everyone can learn something, whatever your personal or political views on the subject. I highly recommend this book!” –

Happy Earth Day everyone! Keep making the world a better place to live!


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