Rosemary on Fourth of July. Books, baseball, & blueberry pie!

The following is a guest post by Rosemary, VP of Sales & Marketing here at AMACOM.

To kick off the Fourth of July weekend I took one of the many coupons that arrived in my email to the local chain bookstore, and left with three new paperbacks.

The one that has captured my interest and kept me reading, in spite of the heat, is English Creek by Ivan Doig. It’s set in Montana and the author’s descriptions of the people and the places really evoke another time and place. You’re in a remote part of the US populated by cowboys, horses, cattle and sheep, where the folks are dealing with the Depression and dust storms, and the better part of a week is spent digging a new outhouse. How’s that for “how I spent my summer vacation”? Digging an outhouse – not what my kids would ever think of. The jacket says this is part of the Montana Trilogy and I’m already sure I’ll soon be looking for the second of the three.

I plan to pass this book on to a friend and she reports that: “I’m in the middle of reading the classics. Just finished House of Mirth (hated it), My Antonia (loved it) and am almost done Death Comes for the Archbishop which doesn’t look as if it will end well.”

The main event of the weekend however was a visit to Yankee Stadium where the Yankees were playing the Blue Jays. My son Tim is a huge Yankee fan and his birthday is this week, so off we went. Tim’s in the midst of reading Bill Madden’s Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball.

Tim hasn’t really reported in on the book, but a friend (a Mets fan) enjoyed it enormously. Now is that because Mets fans like the crazy Steinbrenner stories even more than the Yankee fans do? After the third blow-out inning, in which the Yankees scored all of their 11 runs, it wasn’t a particularly exciting game. But a good time was had by all. We’re trying to plan a trip to a Phillies game but need to spend more time on Stub Hub to make that happen it seems.

And to cap off the weekend, July 4th is when you have to celebrate the start of blueberry season. So in spite of the heat I made a fabulous deep-dish blueberry pie. Which blueberry pie to make was actually the first big decision as it’s always a choice between the classic deep-dish blueberry pie, the no-bake blueberry pie with cassis whipped cream topping, or the custard tart with berries on top. Just typing that made me hungry. But I pulled out my trusty Maida Heatter cookbook although I expect that my cookbook is much older. I use twice the amount of blueberries as the recipe calls for, and just a bit more flour. But no more sugar so it’s a tart and very berry pie. Nothing like homemade pie to cap off the holiday!

Thank you Rosemary!


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