Lizandra Vega on Keeping Cool for Your Summer Interview

The following is a guest post by Lizandra Vega, author of The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land the Job You Want (AMACOM), respected recruiter in the New York staffing arena and Certified Image Coach.

As temperatures soar to record highs, those of us in the corporate world still need to stay cool to project a professional appearance in the office or on an interview. It’s not easy to maintain a cool, calm and collected disposition when the weather is soupy hot. You can’t take a sabbatical every summer or cease your job search when your family depends on your financial contribution, so, you have no choice but to put yourself together and fulfill your obligation as a breadwinner. Your altruistic actions are both admirable and commendable. Believe me, your sacrifice will designate you as a role model in the office and will surely be rewarded with either an offer or a promotion. Below are some tips on how to stay cool, while getting ahead.

Natural Fibers: Choose garments made of natural fibers which have super-absorbent qualities. Absorbency is important as it absorbs perspiration and humidity, keeping you comfortable and dry. Silk has excellent absorbency qualities and therefore, is a great choice for suit linings, socks, and underwear. Cotton’s super absorbent qualities along with its air-ability make it a fabric of choice during the summer.
Synthetic Fibers: Rayon and acetate are manufactured from wood or cotton pulp. These are good substitutes to natural fiber fabrics when looking for cost-effect fabrics that have similar properties to natural fiber fabrics.

Hair: Keep hairstyles short during the summer or pulled back. It will not only keep you cooler during hot summer days, but keep your face, and most importantly your eyes visible during an interview or business meeting.
Skin care: Exfoliate to remove dead cells. This prevents your skin from absorbing moisture from lotions, gels and mists intended to revitalize, balance and hydrate to keep skin cool.

H2O: Drink plenty of water – 8 eight ounce glasses per day – to maintain optimal hydration for those scorching hot office or interview days.
Alcohol & Caffeine: Avoid alcoholic beverages and reduce caffeine; both are diuretics which dehydrate your body.
Rich Meals: Eat often and keep meals light to avoid the metabolic heat your body generates while breaking down heavy, super-sized meals.

Humidifiers: Keep your environment well hydrated by using a humidifier at home and at the workplace.
Air-conditioners: Brown bag it and stay in an air-conditioned office instead of wondering around the neighborhood trying to decide what to eat, only to realize you’re no longer hungry because you’re so hot.

Environmental Aids
Colors: Choose lighter colors, as they reflect sunlight, whereas colors of darker value absorb light and heat from the sun.
Botanical Treasures: Utilize Aloe Vera, cucumbers, menthol, rose oil, green tea and lemons, which act as natural cooling agents on the skin’s surface.

Lizandra Vega is the author of The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land The Job You Want. She is one of the most respected recruiters in the New York Staffing arena, as well as a Certified Image Coach. Cofounder and Managing Partner of Manhattan-based boutique staffing firm Perennial Resources International (PRI), she has successfully coached thousands of individuals on career development, interview techniques, and the kind of verbal and nonverbal communication that is crucial to one’s success. Lizandra Vega lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband and two children.


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