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NetGalley is an innovative, easy-to-use website that provides digital galleys free of charge to reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers and educators.

AMACOM uploads some galleys, plus any marketing and promotional information, then invites contacts to view their title on NetGalley. Readers can also find new titles through NetGalley’s Public Catalog, and request to review those titles from the publisher.

Galleys can be read online, downloaded to a computer, and read on a Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or other device. Readers also have access to the Digital Press Kit, where publishers offer their marketing materials, book trailers, tour schedules, author bios and Q&As, cover art and photos, and more.

NetGalley helps reduce our environmental impact while also giving you faster access to our titles!


As a REVIEWER or MEDIA PROFESSIONAL, you can use NetGalley for free to gain faster access to new titles for review, considering authors for interviews, or other coverage.

As a LIBRARIAN, you can use NetGalley for free to gain early access to new titles and preview a title before ordering it for your collection.

As a BOOKSELLER, you can use NetGalley for free to gain early access to new titles and preview a title before ordering it for your store.

As a PROFESSOR or EDUCATOR, you can use NetGalley for free to gain access to exam/desk copies to consider for course adoption.


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BLACK FACES IN WHITE PLACES: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness by Randal Pinkett and Jeffrey Robinson, with Philana Patterson

If the name Randal Pinkett sounds familiar, it may be because Pinkett was the first African-American winner on The Apprentice. When he won, this black man also became the only contestant to be asked to share his victory—with a white woman. The request (and Pinkett’s subsequent refusal) set off a firestorm of controversy that inevitably focused on the issue of race in the American workplace and in society. For generations, African-Americans have been told that to succeed, they need to work twice as hard as everyone else. But as millions of black Americans were reminded by Pinkett’s experience, sometimes hard work is not enough. Black Faces in White Places is about “the game”—that is, the competitive world in which we all live and work. The book offers 10 revolutionary strategies for playing, mastering, and changing the game for the current generation, while undertaking a wholesale redefinition of the rules for those who will follow. It is not only about shattering the old “glass ceiling,” but also about examining the four dimensions of the contemporary black experience: identity, society, meritocracy, and opportunity. Ultimately, it is about changing the very concept of success itself.

RANDAL PINKETT, PH.D. is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, an information technology and management consulting firm. He was the season four winner of “The Apprentice.” JEFFREY ROBINSON, PH.D. is a leading business scholar at Rutgers Business School. PHILANA PATTERSON is a business news editor for the Associated Press.


NOW, BUILD A GREAT BUSINESS!: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Any Market by Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy

No matter what industry you’re in or what economic conditions you are facing, you can still build a phenomenally successful business. Bestselling business authority Mark Thompson and international success expert Brian Tracy have joined forces on a revolutionary book whose ideas are as inspiring and thought-provoking as they are accessible practical—and proven to deliver results. Now, Build a Great Business! reveals a series of seven powerful principles that will change your business for the better. Complete with examples of businesses of all kinds that are applying these methods to achieve remarkable profits in today’s economy, Now, Build a Great Business! shows that when you do what the most successful companies do, you too can get extraordinary results.

MARK THOMPSON is coauthor of the bestseller Success Built to Last, is an executive coach, leadership expert, and investor. Forbes has called him “a venture investor with the ‘Midas touch.’” BRIAN TRACY is a top business speaker, author, and consultant, addressing more than 250,000 people worldwide each year. He has written 45 books and produced more than 400 audio and video learning programs.


ARMY OF ENTREPRENEURS: Create an Engaged and Empowered Workforce for Exceptional Business Growth by Jennifer Prosek

Imagine the benefits to be gained from a pool of employees who act as though they own the business: greater motivation, increased productivity, and a supercharged desire to succeed. As a young entrepreneur who turned a small PR business into a highly successful, international communications firm, Jennifer Prosek has experienced firsthand the power of instilling an “owner’s mind-set” in every employee. In Army of Entrepreneurs, Prosek presents an easy-to-follow action plan any company—large or small—can use to build a workforce dedicated to generating new business, creating new products and services, and sustaining growth. Great businesses aren’t built by a single leader or rainmaker. This book shows how to transform any workforce into a profit-generating army and reap the rewards.

JENNIFER PROSEK is the founder and CEO of CJP Communications, an award-winning international public relations and financial communications consultancy with offices in New York, Connecticut, and London. In 2009, Prosek was named an “Emerging Power Player” by PR Week magazine. CJP Communications was recognized as one of the “Top Places to Work in PR” by PR News in 2009 and named “Small Agency of the Year” in 2008 by The Holmes Report.


WILD WEST 2.0: How to Protect and Restore Your Online Reputation on the Untamed Social Frontier by Michael Fertik and David Thompson

The Internet is like the Old West—a frontier rich with opportunity and hope, but also a rough-and-tumble land of questionable characters, dubious legal jurisdictions, and hidden dangers. And just like the Old West, if you want to stake out your territory, you have to get there first and fend for yourself. On the web, that means defending your good name and reputation before the attacks start. Because, despite the excellent product or service you provide, all it takes is one unhappy customer, jealous acquaintance, or unsavory competitor to start the rumors flying. Before you know it, search engines are regenerating that negative publicity every time someone researches you or your business. In the age of Wild West 2.0, everyone has an online reputation. Who do you want to create yours?

MICHAEL FERTIK (Redwood City, CA) is the founder and CEO of ReputationDefender, the world’s first comprehensive online reputation management and privacy company with customers in over 40 countries. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Michael serves on the advisory board of The Internet Keep Safe Coalition. He has appeared on “Dr. Phil”, “The Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, “The CBS Early Show”, “20/20”, and “Fox Business”, and been featured in publications including The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Wall Street Journal. DAVID THOMPSON (Los Angeles, CA) is General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer of ReputationDefender.

Request WILD WEST 2.0 e-galley HERE.

THE ON-DEMAND BRAND: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World by Rick Mathieson

Call it the digital generation. The iPhone-toting, Facebook-hopping, Twitter-tapping, I-want-what-I-want, how-I-want-it generation. By whatever name, marketers are discovering that connecting with today’s elusive, ad-resistant consumer means saying goodbye to “new media,” and hello “now media.” Featuring exclusive insights and inspiration from today’s top marketers—as well as lessons from some of the world’s most successful digital marketing initiatives—this eye-opening book reveals how readers can deliver the kind of blockbuster experiences that 21st century consumers demand. Spanning social networking, augmented reality, advergames, virtual worlds, digital outdoor mobile marketing, and more, this book presents an inside look at digital strategies being deployed by brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, BMW, Axe Deodorant, NBC Universal, Doritos, and many others. Revealing ten essential secrets for capitalizing on the right mix of digital channels and experiences for any brand, this book reveals how to demand attention…before the audience hits the snooze button.

RICK MATHIESON (San Francisco, Calif.) is a leading voice on marketing in the digital age. Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge calls him “a strategic marketing expert.” His insights have been featured in ADWEEK, Advertising Age, Wired, Broadcasting & Cable and on MSNBC, CBS Radio and NPR. A regularly featured speaker at industry events, Mathieson also serves as vice president and creative director for Creative i Advertising & Interactive Media, and is the author of Branding Unbound.

Request THE ON-DEMAND BRAND e-galley HERE.


Register now at with your name and email. We recommend filling out your profile information as completely as possible so publishers know how you’ll be using the e-galleys.

Then, search the catalog to view our available galleys and just hit the “Request” button for the title(s) you want.

Once you request the title, you’ll just need to wait until we approve your request, and then the galley will appear on your NetGalley homepage (under “New Invitations to View Titles”). You will receive an email notification once your request is approved, so that you’ll know to login to view the galley.

Once you’ve read the e-galley, you can use NetGalley to notify the publisher of your review, or even if you decline to review.


Feel free to contact the NetGalley Digital Concierge Lindsey Rudnickas at lindseyy[dot]rudnickas[at]netgalley[dot]com or AMACOM Publicist Alice Northover at anorthover[at]amanet[dot]org.


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“Thanks for all your hard work! It really makes my job easier!”—Susan Cole,

“I have been a member for just 24 hours and I LOVE your site! I have already been sent four books and am halfway through the first! This is awesome!”—Sarah Weiss, Rockwell City Public Library

“I was exploring NetGalley last night and I am in love with it! It is so nice to be able to read ahead titles that are being published — especially in the Teen genre. And logging in to NetGalley makes it that much easier for me to track! Thanks again for making my week!”
—Amanda Tehonica, Reference/Teen Librarian, Flower Memorial Library

“I just wanted you to know that I think NetGalley is a terrific idea, and I’m doing all I can to promote it. It’s good for book bloggers, and good for writers. Making ARCs available to more reviewers will help books find their readers. I believe that if more publishers sign up for NetGalley, fewer good books will slip through the cracks. As soon as I found out my book Tyger Tyger was on NetGalley, I contacted 400 book bloggers to let them know that it was available. Over 300 replied, and many requested it. NetGalley was generating reviews, interview requests and positive buzz before the paper ARCs even went out. At first, few of the bloggers I contacted said they had heard of you. Things have been changing lately. More and more bloggers are replying that they know of/use NetGalley! Hurray!”
—Kersten Hamilton, author of Tyger Tyger, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“I wanted to write you quick and tell you how much I am loving NetGalley. I was kind of skeptical at first. I’m not one to read books on the computer, I would rather have the real thing in my hand. But after I downloaded the Free Adobe Digital Editions program to read the books on, I was surprised! It is just like having my own book, but it is on the computer. You read it just like a normal book, it kind of reminds me of a Book Nook.. I also love how I can read books right away without having to wait for them to come in the mail!! This is a great site! Thanks so much!!”
—Trisha of Trisha’s Book Blog, @trishalynn0708

“NetGalley is a dream website for novice book reviewers like myself. Since the day I registered, major book publishers have granted me access to some wonderful upcoming releases and helped me to build up a portfolio of reviews. It is wonderful to have access to eARCs from high-profile publishers like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McArthur and Company, Harlequin, et al.”
—Meredith of Meredith Dias, @meredithdias

This blog post was taken from AMACOM’s BookBlast e-newsletter. Sign up for your free monthly e-newsletter HERE.


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