Books for Project Management Problem Solving

Signs of an improving economy are reason to celebrate. But the arduous journey to the economy of yesteryear has only just begun, which means many are still dealing with smaller staffs and more responsibility in the workplace.

This especially affects project managers who oversee a team and ensure goals are met and accomplishments are achieved in a timely and organized manner. This blog theme week deals with a few examples of problems a project management professional might face.

To kick off our Blog Theme Week on “Project Management Problem Solving,” here are a few book recommendations.

Improving Your Project

Project Management Step-by-Step by Larry Richman

Blueprint for Project Recovery by Ronald B. Cagle

Maximizing Project Value by Jeff Berman

Improving Yourself

Improving Your Project Management Skills by Larry Richman

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers by Anthony Mersino

Communication Skills for Project Managers by Michael Campbell

Improving Your Team

Facilitating Project Performance Improvement by Jerry Julian

The Little Black Book of Project Management by Michael C. Thomsett

Fundamentals of Project Management by James P. Lewis

Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP©) Certification Exam by Michael W. Newell, PMP, ENP.

Coming tomorrow is a guest post from David Hillson on risk management!


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  1. So helpful!

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