Podcast: John Baldoni on How to Lead Through the Tough Times

In a new American Management Association podcast, John Baldoni, author of 12 Steps to Power Presence: How to Exert Your Authority to Lead talks about how leaders need to step up even when the economy is down.

To John Baldoni, leadership doesn’t change just because of a bad economy. When leadership is about people, whether it be training the next generation of leaders or just stopping to chat with other employees, that stays the same even during a recession. It is a leader’s job to inspire confidence in their people so that they will be resilient during the hard times and remain in the company when things get better.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

John Baldoni is a much-in demand executive coach and keynote speaker on leadership to corporate, professional, military, and university audiences.  He is the author of eight books on leadership, including Lead Your Boss and Lead By Example, which were both named “best leadership books.”  Baldoni writes regular columns for the online sites of Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, and  CBSi/BNET.


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