Frankfurt Dispatches: Andy Discovers Bad Soden

Our next dispatch comes from Managing Editor Andy Ambraziejus:

Greetings from the Frankfurt Book Fair. This behemoth of a book fair officially starts tomorrow. We at AMACOM are staying in the town of Bad Soden. Located about 6 miles northwest of Frankfurt, Bad Soden is a residential town for those working in Frankfurt. But don’t think it’s just a restful, quiet suburb of the big city. It is that but so much more.

First of all it is a spa town. People have been coming here since Roman times to partake of the waters. Hank and Ellen walked around town yesterday, and met Uta, who was very happy to show them around. They might have more information about what they learned.

For a small town Bad Soden has a wonderful selection of restaurants. Some of us had wiener schnitzel Monday night, and last night we all had delicious Italian food. Then there’s sushi, Indian, and my favorite, Maximilians, which has the best pumpkin soup I have ever tasted! We have reservations there Friday night, and I can’t wait.

But best of all is the quiet restful quality of the town. After a busy day working at the fair, it’s nice to come back to Bad Soden, only a 20-minute S-bahn ride away.

Thank you Andy!


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