Frankfurt Dispatches: Rosemary’s Windows

Next up, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rosemary Carlough geeks-out at the Fair.

Arrived here in Frankfurt once again on Monday morning for yet another FBF [Frankfurt Book Fair]. Tuesday booth setup went smoothly with the new signs looking good, so I squeezed in a side trip to Mainz and saw the beautiful Chagall windows in St. Stephen’s church. The detail was amazing.

Wednesday kicked off the first day of the fair. Most of my meetings are with some of our ebook distributors as that area really is exploding. I’m a memeber of a LinkedIn ebook discussion group which was started by Sourcebooks’ publisher Dominque Raccah, and for the fair we had a live “show ‘n tell” meeting of some new ebook and app products. Lots of ipads in attendance (wifi here is terrible so lots of folks must have the 3G versions or be working offline) and some fun demos. The best ones I have to say were children’s books. Great forthcoming version of “The Three Little Pigs”. Traveling parents will even be able to have it play with their own voice.

Overall an interesting first day, capped off by a relaxing dinner in Bad Soden. And maybe I’m adjusting to the time change – I almost slept through the night!

Thanks Rosemary!


One response to “Frankfurt Dispatches: Rosemary’s Windows

  1. The children book apps for Apple’s ipad are amazing. My favorite is Alice in Wonderland which I’ve read several time to my nephew and niece who are 6 and 4 respectively. So far I’ve only tried one adult book app and that was for Ken Follett’s bestselling book Pillars of the Earth. It took hours to download and the updates also take a long time to download. I like some of the features of the app but overall it’s disappointing.

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