Frankfurt Dispatches: The Skeleton Dance

Our final Frankfurt dispatches comes from Rosemary Carlough with reports on the last of the fair.

Friday, Day 3 of the fair was filled with more business meetings. Therese Mausser AMACOM’s “Rights Queen” remained booked from dawn to dusk, with new visitors (all of whom had previously made appointments) in the chairs at her table every half hour. Some deals were struck and others are pending.

On Saturday morning there was only a skeleton crew staffing the large booths belonging to Wiley, McGraw-Hill and Penguin, but Therese was back at her official table with more appointments. All the book fair halls are open to the public on the weekend, but the biggest crowds are not in Hall 8, which is primarily American and British publishers.

Overall it was another productive fair. Lots of meetings. More hall traffic I think than last year. Hopefully much of the interest expressed in our titles will translate into rights sales in the months to come.

Thanks Rosemary!


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