Twitter Giveaway Rules

Update (09 June 2011): We’ve added a new contest type “Retweet the following” below.

If you’re following AMACOM Books on Follow AMACOMBooks on Twitter, you may have noticed we hold a weekly book contest. Every Wednesday, we give away five books to different people on Twitter. We start tweeting with hints and info beginning around 8:00 am ET, leading up to the giveaway start time–12:00 noon ET. Five copies of the giveaway book are available to win until the end of the day.

Whether you’ve participated before, or want to enter but never have, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

How do I enter the giveaway?

There are a few different ways to win, which we’ll announce that morning, and throughout the day leading up to the contest. Below are some examples of ways to enter and some qualifying responses:


-The first five @ replies (@AMACOMBooks) mentions win a copy of Die Trying. Mention us now to win!
-@AMACOMBooks, I love this author. I would love to win a copy of this book!


-The first five RTs win a copy of Die Trying. RT now to win!
-RT @AMACOMBooks The first five RTs win a copy of Die Trying. RT now to win!


-Recommend a friend to win Die Trying at 12 noon. The first 5 recommendations win!
-@AMACOMBooks, @NeonLJ would love this book. I recommend her to win!


-You probably know Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world, but what’s the 2nd? Reply now with the answer to win a copy of Die Trying
-@AMACOMBooks, K-2


– Twitter #giveaway contest starts now! First five to retweet one of the following tweets wins a copy of Wild West 2.0 (
– Digital Frontiersman? New Media Pioneer? Don’t get hornswaggled. Wild West 2.0 #giveaway
– RT @AMACOMBooks: Digital Frontiersman? New Media Pioneer? Don’t get hornswaggled. Wild West 2.0 #giveaway

How do I win?
To win, you must be one of the first five accurate responses we receive.

May I enter each contest more than once?
You are only allowed one entry, per person, per contest.

What happens if I incorrectly enter the contest?
Failure to follow the rules for that specific contest will result in disqualification. So, if you @ reply to @AMACOMBooks, when the rules are to retweet (RT @AMACOMBooks), your entry will not be considered and you may not enter again.

May I enter myself for contests if I don’t have a friend I want to recommend?
You may not enter yourself for contests that require participants to recommend a friend. (And we can tell when you’re the same person using two different Twitter handles.)

May I enter if I’m not following AMACOMBooks?
You are not required to follow AMACOMBooks to enter. However, we will ask you to follow us briefly to receive a direct message with instructions on how to claim your prize (we want to keep that info away from people who may try to take your prize). If you are a deemed a winner and aren’t following us, we’ll prompt you to do so, so we can direct message you with information. Failure to follow us within 24 hours will result in the selection of the next qualified entry. You are free to un-follow us upon completion of the contest. Click HERE to follow AMACOMBooks on Twitter.

How long do I have to send you my mailing address?
Once we send you a DM with instructions to get us your mailing address, you have 24 hours to send the information.

What happens if I break any other rules?
Your entry is subject to disqualification, if for whatever reason, you break the rules.

I won, but never received my prize. What do I do about this?
Contact us at amacompublicity at amanet dot org with your inquiry. You may not have been a winner due to disqualification or your prize may have simply gotten lost in the mail. Occasionally we received returned packages from contest winners so make certain you gave us the correct address.

To learn more about Twitter, take a look at one of our previous posts here.

To follow us on Twitter and receive updates on AMACOM Books, author events, giveaways and more, click here.


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