Spotlight On…6 Secrets to Startup Success by John Bradberry

Jacket, 6 Secrets to Startup successOne of our titles has received a good response from the online community, so this week we thought we’d put our spotlight on 6 Secrets to Startup Success: How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion Into a Thriving Business by John Bradberry.

Black Enterprise online tapped John’s expertise for an article about 6 Ways to Avoid Small Business Demise.

The 800-CEO Read Daily Blog featured John in a Q&A. featured John and his book in its article “How to Avoid the Passion Trap.”

SBA Radio interviewed John.

The New York Journal of Books wrote this in its review:

Mr. Bradberry writes from both personal experience and researched case studies. He manages, for the most part, to meld the two into a well-written narrative….If you are in full entrepreneurial mode, either with a fledging business or just the germ of an idea, 6 Secrets provides an excellent roadmap to not just pursuing your dreams, but also to figuring out if the dream is worth pursuing in the first place.

John Bradberry has improved the performance of hundreds of teams and more than a thousand leaders over two decades as an entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. Since 1997, he has led an independent consulting practice focused on helping businesses of all sizes achieve healthy growth. He has a master’s degree in psychology and has taught leadership programs to executives in the United States, Mexico, and Europe. In 2007, he launched an extended study of the universal factors that drive new venture success, which led to his first book, 6 Secrets to Startup Success. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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