Podcast: Michael Nick on Selling to the C-Suite

Picture of Michael NickIn a new American Management Association podcast, Michael Nick, president and founder of ROI4Sales Inc., and author of The Key to the C-Suite, talks about priming your sales pitch for today’s decision makers.

In today’s fickle economy, senior executives are no longer relying solely on ROI in their purchase planning. In his book Key to the C-suite, Michael Nick outlines the additional financial metrics being used to make buying decisions and empowers sales professionals with the tools to communicate within this new landscape. He explains how to skillfully articulate your value to their bottom line and how to build a business case by assessing your value inventory and leveraging new tools like Linked in to gain a leg up of insight on the client.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.Jacket of Key to the C-Suite

Michael Nick, president and founder of ROI4Sales, Inc., has taught selling techniques, developed sales tools, and implemented sales processes at companies throughout the world, including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Great Plains, NEC, Emerson, and Oracle.


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