An Interview with Tony Beshara, author of Unbeatable Resumes

The following is an interview with Tony Beshara, the author of Unbeatable Resumes: American’s Top Recruiter Reveals What Really Gets You Hired. The owner and president of Babich & Associates, the oldest placement firm in Texas, Beshara has been personally responsible for placing more than 8,500 individuals in jobs.

Would you share some information about the typical résumé reader that might surprise job seekers?

Sixty percent of the time the people who initially look at your resume are not the people responsible for the job. They may know a little bit about the position, but it is likely that they are looking for something in your resume that somebody instructed them to look for. Your resume is going to be scanned at best, and probably won’t be thoroughly read. If it gets to a hiring authority, he or she is also likely to scan your resume for key things that might be important to them – who you worked for, what you did, how long did it, and how well you did.

Many résumé experts endorse beginning a résumé with a Career Summary and Objectives section. Why do you strongly disagree?

The vast majority of the time, these things say absolutely nothing. A very specific career summary might be good in some instances, for instance “offering 25 years of public accounting experience specializing in taxes,” might be okay, but it isn’t necessary. Most hiring authorities don’t care about what your objective is. They care about their objective.

How important is a cover letter to getting a résumé noticed?

Not very. Mostly, the employers we surveyed didn’t care about them at all.

What are your views on the value of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for launching a quality job search?

LinkedIn is an excellent social/business tool to help find a job and connect with the right kinds of people. The kind of research that you can do on it is fantastic and is very effective. I’m not convinced about FaceBook, or Twitter regarding finding a job. The people that run these organizations tell you that they are a great tool for finding candidates. However, we surveyed close to 6,000 candidates and only found two that claimed to have found a job as a result of Facebook. This may change over the next few years. I do know a number of organizations that are making a conscious effort to recruit and find candidates through social media. As the current 25-year-olds, who were in college when this media came out and are very good at using it, move up the corporate ladder, using it to find a job or to find an employee may change.

Tony Beshara is the owner and president of Babich & Associates, the oldest placement firm in Texas. Nationally recognized for his job search expertise, he writes a popular blog, hosts a radio call-in show, and is regularly featured on the Dr. Phil Show. He is also the author of The Job Search Solution and Acing the Interview.


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