How to Get AMACOM’s e-Galley Request Approval on NetGalley

We’ve been working with NetGalley for about two years now, so we thought it was time to share our secrets of e-galley request approval. We accept and decline requests on a case-by-case basis, but here are some insider tips. Remember that we are a business book publisher, so if you don’t deal with those books, you shouldn’t be requesting our e-galleys. We also release a limited number of e-galleys on NetGalley and often discontinue titles around their publication date.

(1) Tell us who you are: a bookseller, educator, librarian, media professional, or reviewer. Include an affliation in the “Company” field—even if it’s just the name of your blog.

(2) Share your email, so we can follow up if necessary. For example, we’d like to notify you if we’re about to take down an e-galley you requested, but never downloaded. Please use institutional emails if you are a bookseller, educator, or librarian, so we know you’re legitimate.

(3) Provide the urls for your bookstore, institution, library, personal website, blog, social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LibraryThing, Goodreads, etc), or your Amazon profile (especially if you are a Top or Vine Reviewer). Point directly to any book-related content if possible. We’d love you to include information about your “reach,” such as page views, blog subscribers, Twitter followers, etc.

(4) Be descriptive and relevant. Describe your bookstore, institution, library, outlet, or blog with information such as purpose, location, and history. List business books among the books you are interested in and have previous business book considerations/reviews. We may love your blog about paranormal romances but we don’t think you’re going to review It’s Your Biz with a site like that. If you are a freelance media professional, please give information on which outlets you contribute or have contributed to.

(5) Show that you’re active. We check to see that you’re a strong part of the organization. With reviewers, we look to see if you’ve been posting regularly for at least three months and reviewed at least ten books. Stating “I will review on Amazon” is not enough—you must be a Top or Vine Reviewer on Amazon.

(6) Describe how you use the books requested: order consideration, class-adoption consideration, collection development, review consideration, interview consideration, etc.

(7) Tell us what books you look for: what books you have considered or reviewed in the past, in what genres you are interested, and what you’re looking for in a book. If you’re an educator, tell us which courses you’re teaching and looking at books for adoption.

(8) Send us your review and tell us where it’s going. Where and when will reviews be posted, at which outlets, on which profiles will there be information, etc? Messages can be sent over NetGalley, Twitter, Facebook, or email (amacompublicity[at]amanet[dot]org). Please provide a posting date, a url, etc. We will share your review across our social networks if you share it with us. If you decide not to review a book, please tell us why. If you have a history of requesting titles without reviewing them, we will no longer approve your requests.

(9) Follow us to find out about our new titles on NetGalley. We post updates about our e-galleys on our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Here’s a look at what some other publishers are looking for with their e-galley requests.


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