Spotlight on… Unbeatable Resumes by Tony Beshara

jacket image, Unbeatable ResumesWith the latest jobs report showing that job creation is still below the number needed to keep up with population growth, we thought we’d put our spotlight on Unbeatable Resumes: America’s Top Recruiter Reveals What Really Gets You Hired by Tony Beshara, which has been getting a lot of attention from the online community and career writers in the media.

Joyce Lain Kennedy, a nationally syndicated columnist with Tribune Media Services wrote:

A must-have guide….Beshara’s a proven super talent. Read him. wrote:

This is an investment in you and your career.

The Book Connection wrote:

…it’s filled with some good advice and tons of examples.

CareerBuilder sought Tony’s insights for three articles:

The Career Pioneer blogged about Tony and his book, and interviewed him on her podcast about common mistakes people make on their resumes, how to write and format a resume for the web, and the value of online social networks in a job search.

U.S. News & World Report also tapped Tony’s expertise for the article 5 Common Resume Misconceptions.

Anne Fisher, the popular careers columnist at Fortune, cited Tony and Unbeatable Resumes when discussing time spent looking at resumes by hiring managers and HR  professionals.

See our earlier interview with Tony Beshara.

photo, Tony Beshara
Tony Beshara is the owner and president of Babich & Associates, the oldest placement firm in Texas. Nationally recognized for his job search expertise, he writes a popular blog, hosts a radio call-in show, and is regularly featured on the Dr. Phil Show. He is also the author of The Job Search Solution and Acing the Interview.


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