Author Tips: The 12 Step Business Author’s Twitter Cheat Sheet

Trying to figure out how to get with the Twitter program? Check out our 12 steps to tweet success.

(1) Sign up for a Twitter account, upload a photo, write a short bio that includes you’re an author, and link to your website. Make your bio intriguing.

(2) Upload a custom background, preferably with written-out links to your other web presences (links will not be live) or pictures of your books. Something that doesn’t make you look like another cookie-cutter business author.

(3) Take five minutes to learn the Twitter lingo and bookmark this page for future reference. Everyone has to look things up occasionally.

(4) Follow 20 Twitter handles: five people you know personally, five gurus or leaders in your field, five media outlets or journalists you follow regularly, and five brands you respect. This variety is important to understand the Twitter eco-system.

(5) Sign up for a Hootsuite account to schedule five tweets throughout the day: one tweet promoting you or your book, two retweets, and two articles to share with your followers. Remember to schedule each tweet at least one hour apart.

(6) Install the Hootlet plug-in for your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome) and use the Hootlet button to schedule the articles.

(7) Check for @ replies at the end of every day and respond to people as appropriate.

(8) Every Friday, recommend one Twitter handle to follow and why for #followfriday, and say what book you’re reading and how you feel about it for #fridayreads.

(9) Find one Twitter chat in your field and use Tweetchat to participate every week.

(10) Install a Twitter app on your smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows) so you can check Twitter and tweet when you’re waiting in line or have a little free time.

(11) After two weeks, follow 10 more Twitter handles.

(12) Build on what you know.

Note: I’ve stayed away from technical things, such as never include your location and always use HTTPS, but be sure to read through your settings.


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