Podcast: Susan Reed on the Power of Corporate Diversity

In a new American Management Association podcast, Susan Reed, an award winning journalist and author of  The Diversity Index: The Alarming Truth About Diversity in Corporate America…and What Can Be Done About It, talks about how companies are leveraging diversity in to create new products, markets, and empower their employees.

In the age of increasing globalization, corporate diversity in America remains relevant. Studies have shown that companies with greater diversity at the executive level outperform their competitors. In this episode of Edgewise, Susan Reed, author of The Diversity Index, explains ways employers are leveraging diversity by empowering their employees to create new products and explore untapped markets as well as how to broaden their spectrum of emerging leaders.

Listen to the podcast here.

Susan E. Reed is an award winning journalist who has covered almost every aspect of the workplace for 25 years for CBS News, the New York Times, the American Prospect, and other publications. She writes a business column for the international news web site, GlobalPost.com. Her latest book is The Diversity Index.


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