Office Moving Real Estate Book Giveaway Extravaganza: Sell Your Home in Any Market

Have you seen my packing tape? AMACOM’s office move real estate book giveaway continues today with Sell Your Home in Any Market.

Sell Your Home in Any Market: 50 Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Getting Top Dollar Fast by Jim Remley

In this cooling market, homes are becoming harder to sell. But with the right strategies, sellers can greatly increase their odds of success. Sell Your Home in Any Market gives readers the tools, techniques, and strategies used by the best real estate marketing experts in the nation to ensure their home is positioned to sell. Readers will find out how to:

review the local market • set the right price • promote their home like a pro • prepare for a showing • anticipate questions • sell the neighborhood • use incentives to encourage a quick sale • gently push a buyer • evaluate offers

The book reveals 10 ways to stage a home, 5 ways to maximize showings with MLS marketing, 25 items inspectors check, 200 ways to improve curb appeal, exactly how to emphasize a home’s benefits to potential buyers, and much more.

Packed with priceless tips and techniques, this is a book no one selling a home should be without.

Reminder: Monday through Friday, beginning October 10, we will be giving away one copy to each of the first five commenters on each real estate book giveaway blog post. The posts will go up at 6:00 am ET and you have 24 hours to comment.

Post your comment below to win one of 5 copies of Sell Your Home in Any Market !


2 responses to “Office Moving Real Estate Book Giveaway Extravaganza: Sell Your Home in Any Market

  1. Alexamae Roberts

    In todays real estate market any tips or hands on experience can assist the novice seller to increase the possibility of a quick sale. As a prospective seller and buyer I would love to see the tips provided in this book. Which hopefully will assist us in marketing and selling our home.


  2. Real estate markets are depressed in most areas of the country, and yet there are very few resources available to people who want to sell their homes. Older sellers may not be comfortable with searching for ideas online- they want an old-fashioned book that they can hold in their hands and read. You’d think more libraries would have books like this one, but they don’t. It definitely serves a need

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