Office Moving Real Estate Book Giveaway Extravaganza: Saving the Deal

First rule of the move: Never sneeze when holding an open and very full box of packing peanuts as much as you like to pretend you live in a snow globe. Have you commented on our real estate book giveaway extravanganza yet? You have a chance to win Saving the Deal today.

Saving the Deal: How to Avoid Financing Fiascoes and Other Real Estate Deal Killers by Tracey Rumsey

As a real estate professional, you probably realize that no matter how careful you are and no matter what lengths you go to, some deals just seem to “go sour” at the last minute. But is it really just a matter of luck? Is there anything you can do to save yourself and your clients the pain and heartache-not to mention the cost-of a transaction falling through?

Using real-life examples, Saving the Deal gives you everything you need to help you cut common-and even not-so-common-problems off at the pass. The book goes beyond the basics, teaching you how to spot “deal-killing” factors before they spin out of control, including situations involving judgments and liens, mortgage issues, divorce problems, home inspections, contract difficulties, loan approvals, and many others. You’ll find out how to:

solve, avoid, or handle tricky title complications • prepare “sour-proof” net sheets • accurately evaluate a potential buyer through analysis of their preapproval letter • spot problems involving dates and deadlines • understand the impact that elements such as marital status and bankruptcy have on mortgage loan approval • help your clients using FHA loans • get a handle on Homeowner’s Associations • operate in the tricky terrain of HUD homes and VA loans • use preventative measures to better prepare a property and your seller for the reality of inspection day

In a perfect world, real estate agents would work only with prospective home buyers who have preapproved financing, sellers who are fully aware of their property’s title status, and contracts with every detail neatly worked out in advance. But no matter what comes up in the real world, Saving the Deal gives you solid strategies that will help ensure you see each deal through to completion.

Tracey Rumsey is a Mortgage and Real Estate Continuing Education instructor licensed with the Utah Division of Real Estate. She has more than 10 years’ experience as a mortgage loan officer, and serves as chair for the Utah Mortgage Lender’s Association Education Committee, where she selects and develops curriculum for their education conferences. She lives in Kaysville, Utah.

Reminder: Monday through Friday, beginning October 10, we will be giving away one copy to each of the first five commenters on each real estate book giveaway blog post. The posts will go up at 6:00 am ET and you have 24 hours to comment.

Post your comment below to win one of 5 copies of Saving the Deal!


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