Spotlight on…Cracking the New Job Market by Bill Holland

One of our new titles has received a very positive response from the online community, so this week we thought we’d put our spotlight on Cracking the New Job Market: The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy by R. William Holland. With monthly job numbers continuing to be disappointing, Holland’s advice about how to demonstrate value creation for every job and every hiring organization is more relevant than ever for those struggling to find work.

Job Market Success gave this enthusiastic review:

“[A] practical, clearly-written book….There’s lots of very good advice here for grads (it’s less what your degree is…and for women seeking re-entry into the job market. Plus plenty of tips on how to use social media, how to access a splintered (not hidden) job market, and why passion is overrated….Whether you’re a CEO, mid-career, getting back  into the workforce, or a grad looking for your first role, Cracking the New Job Market will propel you into this category of successful job-seekers.”

Gradversity wrote:

“The key message of value creation is spot-on…. The chapter on negotiation was fantastic…. a great read full of useful information…. This book would be a great supplement to your job search and is definitely worth a look.”

The New York Journal of Books raved, writing:

“An admirable job of updating the genre for today’s job seeker in his new book…Cracking the New Job
Market: The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy may end up being the only book you need in your job search and if it’s not, it comes tantalizingly close.”

Holland is a highly-sought expert for career and job search articles:

And a number of blogs & websites posted Q&As with Holland:

R. William Holland is founder of R. William Holland Consulting, LLC, specializing in HR and career management. He has also served as Executive Vice President at Wright Management Inc. and as Chief Human Resource Officer at Meriden Bank, the University of Pennsylvania, and the BP Outsourcing Business for Anderson Consulting. Holland is the author of a new book, Cracking the New Job Market: The Seven Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy.


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