Random Quotes from New Books This November

After hauling in a bag of candy from Halloween last night, it’s time to pick and choose from our sweets. Mouth watering for some good business reads? Nibble on one of our new books this November.

Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining Veterans by Emily King

“A quick scenario: Chris is a recently retired Navy captain who has decided to accept your firm’s offer of a senior management slot. He comes in expecting the immediate respect and deference commensurate with his senior military rank. Does this expectation align with what Chris is likely to encounter as a new manager in your company? To the contrary, he may encounter people who don’t care that he was a senior officer or who in fact resent him for it based on political beliefs. Some may simply disregard it as irrelevant. It would probably be a good idea for all concerned to have a degree of self-awareness about their respective attitudes.” (page 52)

Lead with Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself by John Baldoni

“Change occurs because people see a better way of doing things and make it happen. Such is the case in the craft beer industry, which brews beer in a traditional way in small batches and with specially selected ingredients—-most important, choice hops. One man who seized on the craft beer movement, and in the process helped turn it into something more mainstream, was a triple-degreed Harvard graduate—undergraduate, law, and business.” (page 63)

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others by Kristi Hedges

Status. People feel rewarded when their status is protected or increased. Heightened status is the feeling of being more than something else, which could mean being smarter, wealthier, more successful, or higher up the hierarchical chain. Our status increases when we are publicly appreciated, promoted, or acknowledged for being smart and capable. Anything that makes someone feel less respected or appreciated can cause a status threat.” (page 156)

Project Management for Small Business: A Streamlined Approach from Planning to Completion by Joseph Phillips

“One of the most common questions that business owners and project managers ask me is: “What type of software should I use to help me manage my projects?” Technology can help you manage the project, streamline many of the project management activities, and lend control to the project management processes.” (page 83)

Would like to unwrap a few more fun size sweets? Check out our Random Quotes from New Books series.


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