Random Quotes from New Books This January

New year, new you, new books, new quotes. Yes, it’s the first installment of Random Quotes from New Books in 2012. Let’s kick-off the new year with some new perspective and change our professional lives and organizations for the better.

Quick Brainstorming Activities for Busy Managers:50 Exercises to Spark Your Team’s Creativity and Get Results Fast by Brian Cole Miller

  • This activity can work for any group size. With larger groups, however, give participants fewer chips, say five or six, or the activity will take too long.
  • Be prepared for participants who finish early want to help others get rid of their chips. You must declare at the start of the exercise whether this will be “legal.”
  • Go around the room and get on chip/response from each participant just to get things started. Then open it up for responses from anyone in any order. If the team stalls, go around the room again, soliciting one response from each participant.

The First-Time Manager, 6th Edition by Loren B. Belker, Jim McCormick, and Gary S. Topchik

“No doubt you have been advised to lead by example. It’s excellent advice. There is, however, another level beyond leading by example—authentic leadership. Authentic leadership is about gaining the regard of your team by being real and genuine. There are two inseparable elements of authentic leadership—exhibiting the behavior you seek and matching your actions with your statements.” (page 169)

Results Without Authority: Controlling a Project When the Team Doesn’t Report to You, 2nd Edition by Tom Kendrick

“Leadership also involves communication outside your project team. Regardless of your authority or formal position, as the project leader you are responsible for providing periodic project updates and presentations. Your communications with customers, stakeholders, and leaders of related projects provide them with a window into your work. What you report allows you to emphasize aspects of the project that you particularly want others to be aware of. Increasing the visibility of accomplishments that matter to these people increases your profile with them and improves your influence.” (page 41)

Lean But Agile: Rethink Workforce Planning and Gain a True Competitive Edge by William J. Rothwell, James Graber, and Neil McCormick

“In real-life settings, there are too many factors and too much complexity to consistently and accurately predict potential. We might consider five to ten factors, but dozens could be important Intelligence and learning agility might be valuable and statistically correlated to high performance in leadership jobs. However, deficits in carious areas of ‘emotional’ intelligence can easily derail intelligent, learning-agile individuals from leadership success.” (page 72)

Don’t you feel refreshed already?


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