Amacon, AMACOM, or Amazon: What’s in a Name?

Are you looking for a Canadian real estate developer, a business book publisher, a river in South America, or an online retailer?

We’ve all hit a wrong key on the keyboard or been mistaken in our hearing, but the real test of ingenuity comes in Google search—not for the seeker, but for the sought.

We know from our analytics programs that people who search for AMACOM Books, the business book publishing division of American Management Association, are often using the word “amacon.” It’s an easy enough mistake with the two letters next to each other on the keyboard. Many think they’ve spelled our name correctly, hearing an “n” instead of the correct “m” when it’s spoken. Even some of our authors and members of the media are susceptible to this confusion. (And in case you were wondering, AMACOM is short for American Management Association Communications when we did books, journals, and other materials.)

But does Google know that?

A search for “amacon” brings up information on the real estate developer (plus an ad by Amazon—they know people mistype their name).

A search for “amacon books” brings up information from Amazon and a number of e-booksellers who’ve misspelled our name (we recognize our book titles, and another ad for Amazon).

A search for “publish a book with amacon” brings up information on publishing with Amazon and various outlets misspelling our name in publication citations (and a ton of ads for self-publishers).

And of course, your personal results could change depending on your search history.

So how do we make sure the people who are looking for us, actually find us?

Well, strangely enough, since many people have been misspelling our name and linking to us with that anchor text, we’re slowly building up an association of “amacon” and our homepage.

We’ve written this blog post using the two words together, which will hopefully gain traction and begin appearing on searches for “amacon.”

Finally, we can start an AdWords campaign to make sure the people seeking us, definitely see us on page one of the search results page.

Do you have any ideas or examples on how we or anyone can use misspellings to their advantage in Google search? Check out the spelling typo generator from SEO Book to figure out your own common misspellings.


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