Podcast: Mark Royal and Tom Agnew on Maximizing Employee Engagement

Photo of Mark RoyalPhoto of Tom AgnewIn a new American Management Association podcast,  leaders of the Hay Group’s employee research division and authors of The Enemy Engagement: Put an End to Workplace Frustration–and Get the Most from Your Employees, talk about employee engagement.

Organizations are always looking to get the best out of employees but the traditional means of doing so may be all wrong. Mark Royal and Tom Agnew, authors of the book, Enemy of Engagement, think that strong and forward-looking managers enable their employees to channel their extra or discretionary efforts productively. They talk about how to feed your team’s desire to feel accomplished, create better support levels, and combat the common causes that lead to lack of employee engagement.

Listen to the AMA Edgewise podcast here.

Jacket image, The Enemy of EngagementMark Royal and Tom Agnew are leaders in the employee research division of the Hay Group, a global management consulting firm. With 85 offices in 49 countries, Hay Group works with clients across every major industry and sector to transform research insights into actionable business strategies. Mark Royal holds a Ph.D. and MA degrees in sociology from Stanford University. Tom Agnew received his Ph.D. in management from Vanderbilt University and MBA from the University of Saskatchewan.

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