Lead With Purpose Named a Best Leadership Book of 2011 by LeadershipNow.com

In their annual roundup, LeadershipNow.com has provided a list of the best leadership books of 2011.

We’re excited to share that Lead with Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself by John Baldoni was selected as one of the best leadership books of 2011.

LeadershipNow explains the purpose of their list:

We have more recorded information about leadership now than at any other time in history. Most of it deals with the surface turbulence, which is important but not complete. In all of this information there is the sense too, that perhaps we have lost the wisdom we need and that maybe some new thing will help us to avoid what we already know and don’t want to do.

For the most part, it’s still business-as-usual within the same framework—control. It’s hard to give up fundamental beliefs even though they really aren’t working for us anymore. These books speak to our need to rethink our core thinking, beliefs and motivations—to do the uncomfortable.

We could all benefit from daily reflection. Reflecting on what we believe, who we are in relation to those we serve, and what it means to do what we do. It’s time to rediscover true leadership—to rethink our fundamental assumptions. Leadership matters now more than ever.

More about LeadershipNow.com:

At LeadershipNow, we want to change the way you think about leadership. It is not about position. Leadership is everybody’s business. It is for men, women and children. It is for families, business and communities. It is for you.

We need leadership now. Increasingly, people must influence without formal authority. Changing our lives and thinking from where we are. We need people of all ages from all backgrounds to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities that exist to make a difference.

We all possess the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will ever become truly effective leaders. With the resources provided on this site, we would like to encourage you to develop the leader in you — to become an active participant in shaping your future and the future of others.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. Leaders don’t have all of the answers, they know the questions. They create an environment where the questions can be answered. The world needs you to live up to your potential. Imagine yourself leading. Where is your leadership needed — now?

Ask any leader: What would you give to have an entire company full of committed employees willing to go the extra mile? For all your people to work together as a unified force, knowing exactly what they do, and why they do it?

Featuring illuminating stories, interviews, and profiles of leaders from a variety of fields, Lead with Purpose shows readers how to take their organizations to the next level with renewed focus and improved direction. It’s a leader’s job to provide his people’s work with meaning. Lead with Purpose shows you how it’s done.

JOHN BALDONI is an internationally recognized leadership educator, coach, speaker and author whose many books include Lead by Example, Lead Your Boss, and 12 Steps to Power Presence. In 2011 John was named one of the world’s “30 Most Influential Leadership Gurus” by http://www.LeadershipGurus.net for the third time.

Find more of AMACOM’s award-winning titles on this blog.


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