Random Quotes from New Books This March

Spring has almost sprung – or so we hope – but books from our Spring 2012 season are in full bloom.Why don’t you give them a try?

Jacket image, Brand Real by Laurence VincentBrand Real: How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty by Laurence Vincent

“What impedes a brand’s ability to deliver a great experience? Let’s return to the two mental models I just gave you. Imagine a brand experience as an EKG line that spikes when something catches our attention, good or bad. Every time there’s a significant peak, our brain captures a snapshot that allows us to picture and remember the essence of the moment. If we went back over our tape and looked at the peaks that were associated with the negative parts of our experience, the most common culprits would be interruptions.” (page 202)

Jacket image, Enterprise Project Governance by Paul D. Dinsmore and Luiz RochaEnterprise Project Governance: A Guide to the Successful Management of Projects Across the Organization by Paul D. Dinsmore and Luiz Rocha

“The challenging situation faced in the sixties was doing business as usual. In the twenty-first century, projects are bigger, more complex, and more ambiguous, and they require a closer focus on integration to deal with countless interfaces. Great flexibility and a tenacity to deliver in the face of unknown obstacles and difficulties are also required, along with skills to manage the growth of interconnections and interdependencies.” (page 161)

Jacket image, I Got My Dream Job and So Can You by Pete LeibmanI Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College by Pete Leibman

“Belief in yourself will make you more resourceful because you will be more open to the opportunities around you, many of which you cant even see right now. Belief will also make you more resilient because you will know it’s just a matter of when, not if. In order to get your dream job, you eventually need to shift your thought process from ‘I’ll try’ to ‘This is absolutely going to happen. I am destined for this job.’ That might sound crazy for you to believe at this point. Be patient. Development of a solid belief system is unfortunately not something that happens instantaneously.” (page 90)

Jacket image, Leading at the Edge, Second Edition by Dennis N.T. Perkins with Margaret Holtman, Paul R. Kessler, and Catherine McCarthyLeading at the Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition, Second Edition by Dennis N.T. Perkins with Margaret Holtman, Paul R. Kessler, and Catherine McCarthy

“Shackleton  displayed a unique ability to understand each person’s temperament and skills, and then to match those qualities with the needs of the expedition. As a result, all crew members contributed as best they could, and Shackleton avoided many performance problems that have otherwise arisen. There were, nevertheless, time at which he had to bring people back in to line. His ability to manage poor performers is somewhat surprising, given his unusual sensitivity to the feelings of others. This sensitivity is illustrated by one incident that occurred in the perilous journey to South Georgia [island]. The plug tobacco carried by the crew eventually disintegrated through the constant pounding of waves. The leaves washed around in the ballast and mixed with hair from the reindeer-skin sleeping bags, creating an odoriferous concoction. An ingenious seaman collected the leaves, dried them with the Primus stove, and created cigarettes using soggy toilet tissue for rolling paper. When the creator offered this special treat to the Boss, Shackleton would take a few obligatory puffs, then quickly pass it on as soon as the donor’s back was turned.” (page 92)

Jacket image, Mastering Import & Export ManagmentMastering Import & Export Management, Second Edition by Thomas Cook with Rennie Alston & Kelly Raia

“Regardless of the rhyme or reason, exporters need to understand this new customs policy because many exporters are also importers–they have returned good, and circumstances often arise where good are being brought into the United States.” (page 252)

Want to sample other AMACOM books? Check out our Random Quotes from New Books series.


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