Rosemary on eBook Pricing

The following is a guest post by Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rosemary Carlough on eBook pricing.

There has been a lot of discussion about eBook prices, and for those of us in the industry it sometimes seems never-ending.  It’s also something that my friends who are not in publishing frequently ask about.

Typically online sites have computerized models that help them test prices and discounts on what seems like a daily basis.   AMACOM hasn’t really done much price testing for our eBooks.  Most of them have Digital List Prices that are the same as the Print List Price, and in both cases retailers (online and brick-and-mortar) can discount them if they wish.

For the month of March we are testing a selection of 50 eBooks at lower prices which can be purchased at most of the popular online eBook retailers.  A group of them are in our parenting line, where we have priced five titles from as low as $1.99 for The ABC’s of Breastfeeding to $6.99 for ADD/ADHD Drug Free.  Other parenting titles on sale in March include:

Twin Sense for $6.99
Overcoming School Anxiety for $6.99
7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child for $6.99

And since the spring gardening season will soon be here (as I write this, crocuses are already blooming) we have reduced the price of Beating Lyme to $3.99.

Finally, since we are at our core a business book publisher, we have reduced the eBook prices of two titles by best-selling author Brian Tracy.  During the month of March you can buy TurboCoach for $1.99 and TurboStrategy for $2.99.

These reduced priced eBooks can be found at most of the popular online eBook retailers.  So click here to check out these and other AMACOM titles that are reduced for the month of March. You’ll be glad you did.

Rosemary Carlough is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AMACOM. She started at AMA doing direct marketing when AMACOM had a monthly print newsletter, which was like a mini-catalog. Now she manages all of the marketing department, which includes creative, PR, trade sales, and our rights department. Check the AMACOM website for Sales and Marketing Inquiries.

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