Customer Service Providers: Share with Us Your War Stories

AMACOM author Rich Gallagher is taking aim at people’s worst customer nightmares in his new book What to Say in Your *Very Worst* Customer Service Situations, and he wants to hear from you.

Rich is the author of two AMACOM titles: What to Say to a Porcupine  and How to Tell Anyone Anything: Breakthrough Techniques for Handling Difficult Conversations at Work. In his new book, he will be exploring your most difficult customer situations using techniques that hostage negotiators, crisis counselors, psychotherapists, and others use in their very worst situations.

This is where you come in. Have you ever had someone completely lose their temper? Or make a ridiculously unrealistic demand? Worse yet, have you ever had to defuse a situation that was totally, utterly your fault (or your organization’s)? Here is a chance to show what positive skills you used to turn these situations around, and share your talents with a bigger audience.

Many people feel that tough customer situations are meant to simply be endured. Other lash back at customers who make their lives miserable. But the best of the best know how to put themselves in another person’s shoes, even with their most challenging customers, and turn crisis situations into productive dialogue. Are you one of them?

If we use your story, your name will be mentioned in the book’s acknowledgments, and your talents will be published for posterity. We’ll also send you a free copy of the book. Good luck!

Contact Rich Gallagher at gallagher(at) pointofcontactgroup(dot)com to participate.

Rich Gallagher MA, MFT heads Point of Contact Group, a training and development firm that has taught over 20,000 people what to say in their most difficult workplace situations. A former customer service executive and practicing psychotherapist, he is the author of eight books as well as the subject matter expert for AMA’s Communication Bootcamp program. His work has been featured in, BusinessWeek, Dale Carnegie Training, and numerous other media outlets.

Professor of Learning and Performance in the Workforce Education and Development program, Department of Learning and Performance Systems, at The Pennsylvania State University

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