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Rosemary on Why She’s a Fan of Goodreads

Rosemary Carlough marketing director AMACOMThe following is a guest post by AMACOM’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rosemary Carlough on the social cataloging website Goodreads.

How do you decide what books to read? How do you keep track of book recommendations from friends? Do you remember the name of the interesting book that was reviewed last week?

For years I kept a list of books that sounded interesting and I wanted to look at and possibly read in my electronic address book, filed under “Books to Read.”  First it was in my Palm Pilot (remember those?) and then it was in my Blackberry.  But once by son Mark told me about Goodreads it became my go-to place to keep track of what I wanted to read, and what I had read.  That was good, but it got better.  Although I work in publishing (or maybe because I work in publishing), I don’t in fact buy a lot of books. (Other folks in my house are still doing their best to keep booksellers alive.)  I’m a big fan of my local public library. So once I discovered the Goodreads app, since library has Wifi, I was all set.

Now whenever I hear about a book I want to read, from a friend, from a book review, or from an article in Shelf Awareness perhaps, I add it to my “to read” list on Goodreads.  Then when I go to the library, or login to the library site from home, I can request a title or two from my list.  If my local branch doesn’t have a copy the interlibrary loan system usually delivers one in a few days.  It’s really fabulous.

The part of Goodreads that I haven’t actually used as much is the social part.  I do rate each book I read and write a short (usually very short) comment.  But I’m only linked to about five other friends so far.  I keep trying to get more folks that I know to join; particularly folks who I know are big readers and might have interesting suggestions.  But even without that it’s a great tool.  And as I mentioned earlier, I learned about it from my son Mark. So ideas for Christmas gifts, I reviewed his long list of books on Goodreads that he wanted to read.  I was able to pick a book he enjoyed reading during his holiday break.  Hope you check it out!

I’m currently reading State of Grace by Anne Patchett who has has been nominated for Time magazine’s influential list for 2012.

Rosemary Carlough is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AMACOM. She started at AMA doing direct marketing when AMACOM had a monthly print newsletter, which was like a mini-catalog. Now she manages all of the marketing department, which includes creative, PR, trade sales, and our rights department. Check the AMACOM website for Sales and Marketing Inquiries.

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