Random Quotes from New Books This May

Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More With an Internet Business You Love by Scott FoxJacket art, Click Millionaires

“One of the first steps on the road to Click Millionaire success is to recognize the value of your own time. You have the opportunity to invest your time instead of just spending it. Even if you only have a few hours to yourself each week after your work obligations are finished, the Internet can help you. Of course you can waste that time online just surfing  around, Playing Angry Birds, or watching goofy videos on YouTube. Or you can invest that time in learning new skills, making new friends and business contacts, and turning your hobbies in to businesses. “

Jacket art, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer ServiceHigh-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce. by Micah Solomon

“I’m going to start this chapter with a vote of support for my geekier friends, a concession, really: It’s crucial to have technologically savvy people supporting your social media customer service work. These are in many ways revolutionary times, and the value of technical knowledge and aptitude can’t be discounted. But while your tech wizards should be interacting with and involved in the team that handles your social media support, the people actually helming the operation and responding to customers need to be the same people who are involved in your day-to-day customer service operations and who are responsible for interacting with your customers.” (page 149)

In the Shadow of the Dragon:The Global Expansion of Chinese Companies–and How It Will Change Business Forever by Winter Nie and William DowellJacket art, In the Shadow of the Dragon

“The implicit message for Huawei was clear. In spite of the public rhetoric from the United States about free markets, business with the U.S. government is nearly always intensely political, and the old saying that all is fair in love and war is even truer when it comes to global business. business at the level of multinationals play it is a no-holds-barred street fight in which anything goes.” (page 66)

Jacket art, The Winning FactorThe Winning Factor: Inspire Gold-Medal Progress in Your Employees by Peter Jensen

“In developing people, the challenge is not about physical growth but about igniting in them the desire to achieve their potential, whatever their focus. When we speak of commitment, it is about commitment to themselves and their own growth and development, rather than to anything outside them, such as an organization. We want them to begin using all their talents and skills to become the  best they can be. We want them to activate their Third Factor.” (page 7)

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