Spotlight on…I Got My Dream Job and So Can You by Pete Leibman

Jacket image, I Got My Dream Job and So Can YouIt’s cap-and-gown season, and this month’s college grads are entering a tough job market. However, there’s hope for today’s graduates to land their dream job.  That’s the message of Pete Leibman in his new book I Got My Dream Job and So Can You! The media, online and offline, have been clamoring to speak with Pete, and many have said wonderful things about his job search approach and the book.

Anne Fisher, “Ask Annie” at, tapped Pete’s expertise about why new college graduates should aim high in their job search.

Job Stalker writes:

…its intended audience is more for the younger/beginning professional….However, that would be a great mistake – in all honesty, I Got My Dream Job actually contains some honest and unconventional job seeking advice that’s applicable for both the newbie as well as the “veteran” job stalker….well worth reading.

Gradversity says:

“Great advice centered around networking and a laser like focus on one’s goals. I’d recommend this to anyone who is about to graduate and is looking for their first job.”

Library Journal gave the book a “starred” review, saying:

“Motivation, instructive, and student friendly, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide will help its target audience land a dream job and use the same strategies and skills for career management and advancement. Highly recommended.”

Publishers Weekly raved that the book is an:

“energetic and informative volume aimed at the recent college graduate…. it is clear Leibman’s forward thinking and clear sightedness have taken him far, and will no doubt inspire and equip readers to do the same.”

Over at The Voice of Jobseekers, Leibman’s book is praised as:

“… a recommended read….Not only there are [sic] principles, strategies, and ideas for college students, but also for the current employed or unemployed job seeker. If you are passively looking for work, this book will inspire you to become more aggressive, strategic, and dynamic in your approach to finding your dream job.”

WTTG-TV, the FOX affiliate in Washington D.C., interviewed Pete about how anyone can land his or her dream job with the right attitude and strategy.

Jacket image, I Got My Dream Job and So Can YouPete Leibman, despite being told it would be “impossible,” networked his way into a job with the NBA’s Washington Wizards right out of college and was promoted to management when he was only 23. Today, he is a popular keynote speaker, and the founder of Dream Job Academy, a career-training program for young professionals.


One response to “Spotlight on…I Got My Dream Job and So Can You by Pete Leibman

  1. William Helms

    It’s wonderful to see the type of response “I Got My Dream Job” has received. When I first saw the proposal and then worked with Pete on it, I had a sense that it would be the sort of book that a lot of people would find both useful and inspiring. Congratulations, Pete! Congratulations evreyone at AMACOM!

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