Spotlight on…High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service by Micah Solomon

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service by Micah Solomon, AMACOM BooksWe’re turning our spotlight on High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service by Micah Solomon, which has gotten some great reviews online and in print media.

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service reveals inside secrets of wildly successful customer service initiatives, from Internet startups to venerable brands, and shows how companies of every stripe can turn casual customers into fervent supporters who will spread the word far and wide—online and off.

Small Business Trends  had this to say:

“This book is IDEAL for business owners who sell to consumers.  Most of the stories and examples in the book revolve around companies who sell to consumers.  So if you’re a retail business, restaurant or other service business that sells to regular people, you will find examples and lessons galore.”

Publishers Weekly said this in its review:

“Consultant Solomon (coauthor of Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit) helps businesspeople navigate the murky waters of social media-driven customer service, specifically, how to respond, when to respond, and when to keep their mouths shut. …this is a cogent and clear primer for business owners leery of social media, featuring clear, organized takeaways and a firm, encouraging tone.” 

I-Connect 007 calls Solomon’s book:

 “a book you must have on your desk for the next couple of years at least so that, as you make your way through the ways and means of doing business in this new high-tech, high-touch world, you will have Solomon by your side to guide you along the way.”

PM Knowledge Transfer says this in its review:

“Micah offers us a view into the client’s paradigm TODAY, and reveals how to deliver world class customer service.  His book is loaded with contemporary illustrations of Good and Bad service, plus memorable tools to help us hang onto his ‘special sauce’ in every scenario.”

Blogging at Musings About Strategy, Marketing, and Product Management, Steve Neiderhauser promised:

“Micah Solomon gives you the keys to delight customers…[his]book holds a wealth of wisdom that will help you win loyal customers. He organizes the info so it’s easy for you to touch. The salient points of each chapter are highlighted in a section called, “and your point is?” Cliff notes for the modern marketing man.” 

FastForward Income said this:

“Supporting this book’s expert advice on building a customer centered organization is solid evidence along with interesting anecdotal real-life stories of customer service excellence and failures; all presented in a fast, easy-to-read format that blends clear and practical solutions, written intelligently in a style that is relaxed and personal (and often quite funny).”

Micah Solomon, author of High-Tech, High Touch Customer Service, AMACOM booksMicah Solomon is a customer service, hospitality, and marketing strategist, and professional speaker. Find Micah at, on Twitter @micahsolomon, or his blog, College of The Customer.


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