Random Quotes from New Books This August

Jacket image, Lead with a Story Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives that Captivate, Convince, and Inspire by Paul Smith

“Stories from your past. Most people think good stories are born from interesting things that happened to other people– presumably the kind of people interesting things happen to. Surely an ordinary person like me couldn’t have interesting stories, could I? Yes you can. And you do. People with interesting stories don’t necessarily lead more colorful lives. They’re just in the habit of sharing their everyday challenges in an engaging way.  (page 252)

Jacket image, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, Second EditionThe 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and Act Before It’s Too Late, Second Edition by Leigh Branham

“As the saying goes, ‘People join companies, but they leave managers. Well, sometimes they leave companies, too, and the senior leaders who run those companies. It is the senior leaders who set the direction, who shape the culture, who approve the pay ranges and the training budget, whose demands bring excessive stress and overwork, and whose strategies bring either growth (and career growth opportunities) or stagnation. ” (page 35)

Jacket Image, Well Said!Well Said!: Presentations and Conversations That Get Results by Darlene Price

When you think about it, your most basic responsibility as a leader is to connect with those around you. Whether it’s in a conference room or over the phone, in the elevator, or hallway, giving a performance review or meeting with customers, you are listening and talking with people; you are having conversations. Ideally, those conversations are powerful, influential, and meaningful. ” (page 165)

Jacket image, ProActive Selling ProActive Selling: Control the Process–Win the Sale, Second Edition by William “Skip” Miller

“Many salespeople believe that the reason they prospect is to make a sale. This is very straightforward, but it’s a nonproductive way to look at prospecting. Remember the goals we laid out on the very first page of this chapter? They’re worth repeating:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Introduce your product/service.
  • Determine if there’s interest in continuing the discussion.

That’s it. ” (page 69)

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