Random Quotes from New Books This September

Jacket image, Innovation at WorkInnovation at Work: 55 Activities to Spark Your Team’s Creativity by Richard Brynteson

” Invention is about seeing a need and plugging a hole. First, one has to start seeing the ‘jobs that need to be done.’

Ask participants  to talk about some of their possible inventions. Ask others to elaborate on them. Ask what else is needed to make them marketable.

Explain to them how cup holders in cars, home delivery groceries, and dog walking all evolved from such an exercise. Also, think of the new generation of baby strollers.” (page 18)

New Sales. Simplified. Mike Weinberg AMACOM BooksNew Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development by Mike Weinberg

” We don’t go on sales calls. We conduct them. The professional salesperson isn’t riding along in the back of an airplane. She’s in the left seat, up in the cockpit, with her left hand on the yoke, right hand on the throttles, and feet on the rudder pedals. Think pilot-in-command. There’s nothing passive about it.” (page 133)

Jacket image, Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer ServicePowerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service: Over 700 Ready-to-Use Phrases and Scripts That Really Get Results by Renee Evenson

” If you’ve exhausted all solutions and can’t find any that the customer will agree to, ask him or her to find a workable solution that is fair to both the company and to him or her. By stressing ‘fair to both company and customer,’ you let the customer know that asking for the moon isn’t going to be a plausible end result. together, try to come to terms for a workable solution. Then, if you can’t satisfy this person, get your supervisor involved.” (page 114)

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