Spotlight on… New Sales. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg

Jacket art for New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg Sales book from AMACOM BooksWe’re turning our spotlight on New Sales. Simplified. by Mike Weinberg, which has gotten a lot of great reviews and started great conversations online. 

No matter how much repeat business you get from loyal customers, the lifeblood of your business is a constant flow of new accounts. Mike Weinberg balances a blunt (and often funny) look at what most salespeople and executives do wrong with an easy-to-follow plan for ramping up new business starting today. Whether you’re a sales rep, sales manager, or a professional services executive, if you are expected to bring in new business, you need a proven formula for prospecting, developing, and closing deals. New Sales. Simplified. is the answer.

Nancy Nardin, of had this to say.

 “If you need to hunt for new business and aren’t sure the best way to plan your attack and attack your plan, then this book is for you. If you manage a sales team that needs to elevate their new business performance to new heights, then do yourself and your team a favor and get a copy for everyone.”

Kelley Robertson, of Fearless Selling had this to say:

“This is a book you’re going to read more than once. Not because it’s well-written (it is) and not because Weinberg’s writing style is very conversational (it is). You will read this book several times because it contains a wealth of practical advice that simply can’t be absorbed in one sitting.”

S. Anthony Iannarino of The Sales Blog, said

“I strongly believe that this book will help salespeople improve their sales results and win new business…Go and buy Mike’s book. Read it carefully, and follow Mike’s action plan.”

On his blog, The Sales Hunter, Mark Hunter called New Sales. Simplified. “a must read” and promised:

“If you read this book, I have no doubt you will be a better salesperson afterward.”

Gary S. Hart, blogging at had this to say:

“If you want to improve you or your sales team’s new business development, put New Sales. Simplified in the hands of your organizations’ sales chain from the frontline salespeople up to the CEO.”

Paul McCord of the Sales and Sales Management blog says Weinberg’s book offers

 “… the one thing that most other writers on selling don’t—real, honest-to-God clarity on how to become a solid, high producer in sales. New Sales. Simplified lays out a simple formula for growing and developing your sales pipeline based on proven actions and strategies that have been the foundation of sales success for thousands of highly successful sellers.”

Robert Terson of Selling Fearlessly gave New Sales. Simplified. high praise:

“At the risk of being accused of hyperbole, I’ll flat out tell you: this is one of the best sales books I’ve ever read. This is a book that will truly help you become a better salesperson.”

photo of Mike Weinberg, author of New Sales Simplified for AMACOM booksAnd if you’re flying Southwest Airlines this month, pick up a copy of Spirit Magazine.

Mike Weinberg is the magazine’s Freedom Story for October. 

Mike Weinberg  is a top-performing sales hunter, sales executive, and founder and president of The New Sales Coach, a consultancy specializing in new business development sales strategies.


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